Bonita launches Grande: the new age iron boards, (May 22nd, 2012)

The early morning fast-paced routine of every metro house is no less than winning a battle. Meeting the deadlines, getting ready on time, sending children to school… but when your child is alone at home, every working mother gets worried about danger posed by household equipments especially electrical ones. Bonita, brings a feasible solution to settle your worry – Grande, an ironing board with an iron holster. Bonita, a complete household solution under one roof comes from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd.

Grande, one of the most acclaimed Bonita products is a perfect option for houses with Children. The major highlight of Grande is the iron-holster which secures the Hot Iron safely after you have finished ironing. This helps to avoid accidents especially in case of children and so you do not have to go through the pain of seeing your child getting burnt with a hot iron.

In USA, 2.4 million people get burnt by hot iron every year and it is estimated that this number will be multi-fold in India. Till now there was no way to keep your hot iron away after your ironing was complete but now Bonita has come up with a solution with the Grande ironing board. Additional features in Grande Ironing Board are iron rest with hanger bar, under-table garment shelf and anti-fall and anti-skid feet.

The design of Grande is licensed from Polder Industries Inc, USA. The ironing surface has a dimension of 130 cm X 38 cm and the thick polyester padding in the ironing surface makes it firmer. It is available at an affordable price of Rs 3995/-.

Casa Brands, the pioneers in Laundry, Organising & Storage Category under their brand “Bonita” has a nice range of products. The products are available through selected dealer network and also available online.

According to Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Casa Brands India Pvt Ltd. said, “With the wide range of Bonita products we are trying to help Indian homemakers experience convenience and comfort in their household work. Most of our products are designed in Europe and USA and their sleek and elegant design means you can flaunt and proudly display them in your homes. The iron holster in Grande makes it unique household product in terms of safety. With graceful cover design it will be an asset to home décor.”

“In a congested city like Delhi our product will be a boon. Here everyone is in the search of compact and sleek products that fit to their small houses without losing its beauty. We promise to create your house more spacious with our products. Bonita products will be definitely a hit among both housewives and professionals who want to utilize space creatively,” he added.

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