News Now - Bonita India slaps legal notice on Milton over IPR infringement (November 3rd, 2016)

New Delhi: Home utility products provider, Bonita India (Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd.) has sent a legal notice to Milton, charging it of infringement of Bonita’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for marketing its product ‘Microwow’ as the world’s first Microsafe Safe stainless steel product when Bonita’s ‘Microwonder’ already holds the IPR for the same and has been selling under this name for over a year across the world, the company said in a statement.

In the legal notice, the company said, it has charged Milton of trying to mislead buyers that Milton is the innovator of the microwave safe stainless steel concept by using the tagline #kuchnayakartehain even though the original innovation was done by Bonita which had filed patents for this technology two years back. Additionally, Milton is trying to use a similar sounding name i.e. “Microwow” compared to Bonita’s “Microwonder” to take advantage of the response that Microwonder has started to get in India.

“This is unacceptable behaviour, especially from a well-established company like Milton,” commented Umang Srivastava from Bonita.

As per the company statement, they have urged Milton to stop using this deceptively similar brand name, logo, packaging and product literature, misleading customers into believing that there is some business association between Bonita India’s Microwonder and Milton’s Microwow, insulated microwaveable casserole.