Garment Organizer

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Z-FORMA Laundry Sorter
Item Code :
LB04- 40 RP
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Price :
   ` 1495/-
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Color or Design Pattern:
Rich Plum Bloom
Z Forma sorter, now saves the extra effort  & time for sorting your clothes before laundry. Simply use the dual pockets for storing your dark & light clothes. Made of sturdy & thick epoxy powder coated steel tubes, it provides extra life & longer durability to the product. Made of attractive moisture resistant breathable fabric, making it ideal for everyday home use. Trendy design adds to the aesthetic beauty of your home/laundry room.
  • Saves you the effort of sorting before laundry.
  • Moisture Resistant & Breathable Fabric.
  • Sturdy & Steel Frame
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Easy to Assemble & Removable Bag
  • Compartments for sorting light & dark clothes