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NISSA Dish Rack with Tray
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NISSA Dish Rack with Tray
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   ` 1495
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Open 47x32.5x12 Close 33.3x7.5x48
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Light Grey
Nissa  Dish Rack which comes with ergonomically designed Tray and holes  for easy water drainage makes it ideal for air drying  . It is a great product to keep your washed cutlery, plates , glasses ,bowls , etc..It comes with detachable cutlery holder which makes it easy to clean  and store .Beautiful colours makes it  aesthetically  appealing .

Holes for easy water drainage
Detachable plastic holder for cutlery
Aesthetically Appealing designs in beautiful colors
Slots for placing dishes / Plates makes uit ideal for air drying.
Ample room for placing cups, Bowls & Glasses