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HEARTY Milk Pan 3300 ml
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HEARTY Milk Pan 3300 ml
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   ` 795
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3300 ml (24 cms)
Hearty Stainless Steel cookware offers a healthier choice for your family & loved ones, being made of high quality stainless steel material. A cookware range that relieves you from all your worries over the health-risks today that could result from a using any utensils made of reactive metal such as Aluminium for cooking, which are also easier to clean & maintain. Also, these come with Silicone handles and knobs which not only provide the most comfortable grip for the best cooking experience, but also the beautiful colors these come in will surely liven up your kitchen.
- Safe & healthy cooking with Stainless steel – no worry of leaching of cookware material into food
- Compatible with all types of cooking sources – Induction, Hot Plate & Gas
- Stainless steel material leads to enhanced durability and ease of maintaining & cleaning the cookware