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VACIO-Vacuum storage bag (XL) - Set of 2
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VACIO-Vacuum storage bag (XL) - Set of 2
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   ` 795
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80x100 cm
Regular way of packaging takes a lot of space and doesn’t ensure safe-storage or preservation of delicate garments such as woollen clothes & comforters. Also most of the times, such storage mostly leads to infestation of the fabrics as they are not air or water-proof. Bonita’s Vacio vacuum storage bags eliminate such possibilities with their unique construction. They enable the air, moisture, dust & insect-proof storage of the delicate fabrics & comforters in such a way that every time they are restored for use, they appear just as wrinkle-free & fresh as new. These bags can reduce the size of the clothes up to 1/3rd thereby leaving you with ample space for further storage. Clean and tidy clothes/ blanket ensure a hygienic living and hence enable wellbeing & a healthy life.
- Enlarge your storage space by 3 times
- Ideal to preserve woolens, comforters & delicate garments Air, moisture, dust & insect-proof storage
- Keeps the clothes fresh & wrinkle free