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MAXDRY Multifunction Clothes Drying Stand
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MAXDRY Multifunction Clothes Drying Stand
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With the ever-shrinking space in homes, placing the essential items is already too straining. Add to it the pressure of daily chores that are required to keep one going everyday- such as drying clothes. Amidst the hectic lifestyles & restricted living space, a convenient solution to even a minor chore such as this is cherished. The MAXDRY Multifunctional Clothes Drying Station does just that for the consumers, offering not only the solution to the basic problem but so much more. It’s strong powder coated steel tubes can take upto 8 Kg/ 17.6 lbs of spread load. It gives 56 ft./ 17 meters of drying space area with extra hanger slots.  It also has special slots for drying smaller items. The epoxy powder coating & UV resistant plastic used make it extremely durable which enables its continual use in anytime anywhere. The adjustable wheels lend easy movement of the stand & facilitate easy & hassle free movement.