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MICROWONDER Microwowave Safe SS Bowls - Set of 3
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MICROWONDER Microwowave Safe SS Bowls - Set of 3
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   ` 995
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Large: 1500 ml-Turquoise Blue
Medium: 950 ml-Olive Green
Small: 660 ml-Rusty Red
Plastic and other Microwave -friendly materials are not food friendly specially while their contact is at high temperature, which occurs while heating a food in such containers/ bowls in Microwave oven. The heat intensifies the release of toxins into the food making it unhealthy which in the long run could be causing life-threatening illnesses such as cancer etc.

Bonita's Microwonder Microwave Safe Stainless steel bowls aspire to change the way you reheat your food. The revolutionary bowls consist of 2 layers - outer layer of Microwave-Safe plastic & inner layer of Food-Safe Stainless Steel. This serves the dual purpose of being used in the Microwave Ovens as well as safeguarding the food. The same bowl can be simply used to refrigerate, reheat and serve your food in these food safe bowls without worrying about changing containers. This set consists of 3 stackable bowls with special non-deforming, hgh grade material Lids with Vent - Bowls can be placed inside the Microwave oven with lid (on pressing the vent). These bowls come in attractive colors that add style, class & glamour to your kitchen & dining space.

Convenient to heat food the healthy way in microwave oven.
Inner 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel layer keeps the food stay toxin free.
Outer Microwave safe plastic layer enables heating food in microwave oven.
Healthy & Convenient way to Refrigerate, Reheat & Serve Food.
Lids with Vent – bowls with lids can be placed in microwave oven a Lids with vent enable microwaving.
The vibrant colored bowls enable you serve food in them on the Dining table.
Stylish, colorful & stackable bowls.
Dishwasher safe on Top rack.
Tested as per the EU & US Testing Standards.