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ALPHA+ Ironing Mat
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   ` 995
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Happy Circle
Alpha+ Ironing Mat is being introduced as an upgraded model of the current Alpha Ironing Mat, which has been awarded the Finalist Award for the most innovative product in International Housewares Show at Chicago. This comes with special slip-resistant fabric at the base of the Ironing mat which disables it from slipping from any smooth/ flat surface while ironing thereby giving the best ironing experience. It is designed to iron larger clothes easily. Its suitable for those who want a large surface for Ironing. It can be used on counter top, table, bed, floor etc. Alpha comes with an inbuilt silicone pad for placing hot iron face down while ironing. This avoids the risk of accidents. It’s very compact and easy to fold and store anywhere. The Ironing Mat is available in various beautiful colors and patterns.
Slip resistant fabric at the base which disables the slipping of mat on any flat/ smooth surface while spread for ironing.
Compact & Durable – Ideal for daily use
Added Silicone mat for keeping hot iron face down
Easy to fold & store
Suitable for larger clothes
Can be easily used on bed, counter & table