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MINI Table-Top Ironing Board
Product :
MINI Table-Top Ironing Board
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Price :
   ` 950
Size :
73 x 33 cms
Color or Design Pattern:
Indian circle
Happy Circle
Season Text
Polka Dots
Mini Table Top is a compact and portable ironing board designed for daily use . It can be used on bed, table etc. It is a preferred product for many apartments and resorts where space is a major constraint. This light weight ironing board is extremely portable and can be placed on any hard flat surface including table and bed. The option for folding and hanging provide easy storage facility. Anti-skid feet and metal mesh for steam penetration are the other highlight of the product. The Epoxy powder coat in ironing board offers it a longer and sturdy life. This table top ironing board comes with an ironing surface dimension of 73 cm x 33 cm. Mini is designed to give an elegant look to your interiors whether it is your home or hotel room.

  • Folds and hangs for easy storage
  • Multi purpose table - ironing board , breakfast table, laptop table , study table.
  • Manufactured on automated European machines  
  • Thick Polyester padding for firmer ironing surface
  • Elegant cover designs matching to your home décor
  • Premium cotton cover
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Epoxy powder coated for longer life
  • Multi purpose use for Ironing, Laptop, Breakfast , study table etc