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TREAT Travel Organizer - 13 Pockets
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29*17*9 CMS.
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                                                From Bonita, a Travel Treat for all you wanderers!

     Travel Treat will ease your journeys with its handy design, which is compact, stylish, convenient and practical

   The compressed structure that is expandable and washable allows you to fit in multiple items of need together on a journey

For many of us who are frequent travelers, it is fairly common to forget something at home as we rush out to catch our flights or trains. Sometimes, you would have stocked up all the necessary items but would be lost locating them, turning your luggage upside down. What if you have a travel accessory kit, that would enable you to neatly arrange your stockpile with a dedicated space for everything?

Bonita’s Travel Treat Organizer will help you create space for all your petite, yet important accessories.

It doesn’t only make your travel packing convenient, it also ensures you do not forget all your daily items of need be it your smart phone, hairbrush, charger, sunscreen, wet wipes and other essential utility items.

With TRAVEL TREAT ORGANIZER, you get a multi-pocket convenient storage bag that can keep your necessities sorted. Being in a compressed form, it can be carried on to the flight where you may need the necessary items you do not want to check in.

With a clear, designated space for each item -- your skin essentials, your medicines, gadgets, ipads, ipods, or books -- all are firm in their places and you know where they are. No more fretting or searching upside down for a required item. Carry the Travel Treat with you to make life easier and sorted.

There will be no need to unwrap the big suitcase for your hairbrush or charger.

The handles make it an easy carry deal. It can also be carried separately as a hand bag and the bright and beautiful colors it comes in will only compliment your dress and appearance.    

  • Keep your hand bag organized
  • Compact, stylish, convenient, practical
  • Easy to wash
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to carry with handles
  • Expandable according to your need