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Bonita's stylish range of Balcony Dryers (December 28th, 2012)


Balcony Dryer as the name suggests utilizes the balcony efficiently to save space and to dry out clothes. They are removable dryers which can be removed easily when not in use. Made up of high quality and long lasting plastic fittings, these balcony dryers can be adjusted easily to hang on most of the balconies. Teeny comes in smaller size and has 5 metres of drying space, while Genie comes in larger size and has 10 metres of drying space. The fine plastic coated tubes used in both the balcony dryers guarantees a longer life. Teeny is an idle for drying out the small clothes which includes inners, towels, handkerchiefs etc .These usable dryers add aesthetic beauty to your abode. Made and manufactured in Italy, these nifty dryers are designed wisely for houses and flats with small balconies where there is a shortage of space.