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PEPPY Laundry Basket
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PEPPY Laundry Basket
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   ` 795
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33 x 33 x 56 cm
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Blue Flower
Rich Plum Bloom
Store your unwashed clothes in style with Bonita’s Peppy Laundry Basket
Doing the laundry is always the last thing on the priority list when women at home has innumerable things to manage, with cleaning of the hump of unwashed clothes getting shifted to the weekends in almost all the households.
But the burden does not end there as women are always busy scrambling to find a place where they can hide the bundle of dirty clothes just to give the house an organized and sophisticated look. Till the day finally comes when the pile of clothes’ mess is ready for laundry, the fight for home manager is on to keep it away from eyesight.
Had you also been experiencing exactly the same trouble? Had you also been looking for some space in your wardrobe where your unwashed clothes can rest till the weekends come? Had managing the pile of dirty clothes been giving you headaches? Most of the women, especially working ones, probably will say a big ‘yes’ to these questions.
To ease the burden of women and help them keep their unwashed clothes in a proper and arranged way, Bonita has launched“Peppy Laundry Basket”, which is spacious enough to stockpile enough number of clothes.
Available in various floral backgrounds and striking colors, the laundry basket, that can be placed it any room, not only keeps well the dirty clothes but also lightens up your home. Though made in India, Bonita ensures that the quality matches international standard.

  • Store & organize your clothes neatly
  • Multipurpose use
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Attractive print and colours