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Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls (Set Of 3 pcs)
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15, 17 & 19 cm dia
Product Name : Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls (Set Of 3 pcs)
Bonita's Microwonder  Microwave Safe Stainless Steel bowls will now change the way you reheat your food. Avoid leaching of harmful toxins from plastic containers into your food and keep your family healthy & safe. You can simply refrigerate, reheat and serve your food in these food safe bowls without worrying about changing containers. These are  stackable bowls with lids. These bowls comes in attractive colors that adds style & class to the way you serve food.
  • Food Grade Quality colours
  • Microwave safe , Fully Tested
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Stackable set of 3 pcs
  • Airtight plastic lid keeps content fresh for a longer time
  • Healthy way to store and serve food